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The Santa Rosa Fund doesn’t really have a subscription rate or any categories of membership beyond ‘individual’ and ‘organisation’. We ask anybody who’s interested in the work that we do to support us to the tune of £2 which will be used to cover the cost of postage of the two newsletters that we produce each year.

In the November/December issue of the newsletter we always include a reminder to readers about their annual subscription, although we also encourage supporters to take out a standing order if it is possible and appropriate for them to do so. The idea of fixing a rate at only £2 is to make sure that nobody is excluded. And we are grateful for however little people are able to give us. But we are always pleased to receive extras!

Anyone wishing to become a supporter should send their donation to our membership secretary, Martin Mowforth whose contact details are as follows:

One further note: We are extremely grateful to all our supporters for their generosity, and we should like to say so to all of you personally. It is our policy, however, not to send receipts for donations on the grounds that this will incur further administrative costs. It is our aim to maximize the amount of SRF money that finds its way over to Nicaraguan educational initiatives rather than spending it in the UK.

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