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Los Pozitos Village School

Los Pozitos is a tiny rural village about 35 km north of the town of El Viejo – only 35 km, but remote and inaccessible except by a track that is often impassable during the rainy season. In 2003 the Santa Rosa Fund facilitated a visit to the village of a teacher at High Street School in Plymouth. That visit initiated a link between the village and its school and the Santa Rosa Fund which continues to the present.

Transport problems getting to Los Pozitos

Transport problems getting to Los Pozitos

Fifteen families (most of whom are related) live in Los Pozitos and the population is normally just over 100, although this changes due to out-migration and families either sending their children to live with aunts or grandparents elsewhere in the country or sending adult family members to earn money elsewhere. Life for these families is hard and is generally based on subsistence or plantation agriculture.

It may only be 35 km from El Viejo, but it is very remote and isolated. The track to it is often unusable during the wet season (May to November) and even during the dry season a four-wheel drive vehicle or a horse are required to reach it.

The Santa Rosa Fund’s link with Los Pozitos was first established in 2003 when the Fund facilitated the visit to Nicaragua of Jackie Rushall. Jackie, then a teacher at High Street School in Plymouth, had received a grant to enable her to visit a country in the developing world in order to inform herself and her pupils in the UK about living in other countries and to establish a link between a school in the country she visited and her own school in the UK. At the same time as visiting Los Pozitos, Jackie was able to deliver some aid to help the tiny school in the village.

Below Jackie gives her own report of her visit to Nicaragua and of the link she established with the little primary school in Los Pozitos. (This report was first produced for Issue 21 of the SRF Newsletter in July 2003.)

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