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El Viejo Recreation Centre

In 2008, the Berriz Sisters informed the Santa Rosa Fund that they would like to use some of the SRF annual donation to cover or at least part-cover the salary of the director of the El Viejo Recreation Centre. Since that time the SRF trustees have taken a keen interest in the Centre, more details of which are given in the article attached to this page of the website.

In 2008, the Berriz Sisters appointed William Vargas Díaz to the post of Director of the Recreation Centre and he has done a wonderful job of organising events and activities there. The place exudes organisation, energy, enthusiasm and creativity, and many developments have taken place in the Centre during William’s management. These include physical improvements such as the covering of the games court (which has brought more youths into the Centre during the rainy season), and the little youth café. Many other improvements have also taken place in terms of the activities pursued and workshops offered by the Centre, and their teams have won many sports trophies too.


William Vargas Díaz, Director of the El Viejo Recreation Centre, 2008 – 2012

William left at the end of 2012 for creative work elsewhere in Nicaragua, with which the Berriz Sisters and all at the Santa Rosa Fund wish him the very best of luck. He will be sorely missed, but the Sisters have appointed two youthful replacements who share the job from the beginning of January 2013 and whose salaries will be at least part-paid by the Santa Rosa Fund’s annual grant to the Berriz Sisters.

One of William’s final tasks was to send a series of full reports to the Santa Rosa Fund about the work of the Centre. We received these at the end of December 2012 along with William’s letter informing us about his decision to move from El Viejo. The reports are in Spanish and we have not had time to translate them. But they are full of photos and readers who have followed the SRF Newsletters will already have read various reports about the work of the Centre; and so we have uploaded them onto the website as they are – enjoy browsing through them, and if you would like more information about the Centre, please feel free to contact the SRF’s membership secretary Martin Mowforth on mmowforth [at] plymouth [dot] ac [dot] uk.

(For more details of the work of the Centre, readers are referred to Issue 38 of the Santa Rosa Fund Newsletter in November 2011.)

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