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Pre School Community of Villa España

Friday, 14 November, 2008

The following is a translation of a report we received from Sister Lilliam Miranda in September 2008.

The community pre-school in Villa España now continues with teacher Verónica Treminio Alvarado. During this school year (2008) various difficulties have been experienced owing to the socio-economic reality of the country and the hike in the price of food. People are able to cover less and less of their basic necessities. For these reasons attendance at the pre-school has fallen off a little. At times mothers do not send their children to school because they don’t have clothes or because there is no food.

As well as taking the classes, Verónica has concerned herself with the childrens’ attendance and dedicates some mornings to visiting the families in order to stimulate attendance at the pre-school.

The pre-school has been supported with the following materials:

  • plasticine
  • educational games
  • scissors
  • cleaning materials (brush and mop)
  • a medical cabinet
  • a ream of paper
  • card
  • markers and crayola
  • batteries for the tape recorder

(Additionally, the Santa Rosa Fund contribution to the work of the nuns in El Viejo pays the salary of Verónica.)

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