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José Coronel Urtecho School

Sunday, 26 April, 2009

In the José Coronel Urtecho School in the rural comarca [parish] of Venezuela, 125 pupils (some shown in the photograph) have benefited with the following educational materials: backpacks, exercise books, pens, pencils and rubbers. The pre-school pupils in the same school were also supported in similar fashion.

At the end of 2007 our means of funding different projects and initiatives in the Cosigüina Peninsula changed so that the Santa Rosa Fund now makes an annual donation to the work of the Berriz Sisters who work in the peninsula. Our annual donations for materials to schools and projects such as the José Coronel Urtecho School are now therefore made by the Sisters rather than directly by our organisation. This allows the Sisters greater flexibility to allocate funds according to the needs they perceive; and they of course are closer to those needs than we are in the UK and are therefore in a better position to assess those needs.

That said, there is no doubt that the José Coronel Urtecho School is in a very poor rural comarca and when last visited by Santa Rosa Fund trustees was clearly in great need of assistance. Accordingly, the Sisters continue to provide some of the Santa Rosa Fund’s monies to the school.

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