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El Viejo Recreation Centre Management

Friday, 1 May, 2009

Only recently has the Santa Rosa Fund money been used by the Sisters to support the El Viejo Recreation Centre, so it was appropriate that we should make a visit there in November last year to meet William Vargas Díaz (pictured), director of the Centre. The Recreation Centre, right in the middle of the town of El Viejo, is heavily used by the local youth. Its major uses for the youths consist of its sports facilities and organisations, but under the auspices of the Sisters it also runs workshops and programmes in leadership training, sexual health, relationships, responsibilities and a range of other themes. William oversees and coordinates the courses and programmes, as well as the sports, and also arranges visits between the members and users of the El Viejo Recreation Centre and users of other youth centres in the Cosigüina Peninsula such as the Cosigüina Youth Centre which is also part-funded by the Santa Rosa Fund.

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