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Survey of the Cosigüina Youth Group, June 2006

Thursday, 1 June, 2006

This survey focused on 20 youths of which 16 are active participants in the youth group and the other four are occasional attenders. This small survey was conducted with the aim of identifying weaknesses and strengths of the group.

The youths were asked what activities they took part in and all responded that they were involved in the meetings and discussions which the group holds on Wednesdays, four of them are involved in organising events for younger children and the rest give support in extra activities such as fiestas [cocaladas], sporting activities, films, meetings and the cleaning of the Youth Centre.

The survey asked what they had learnt through participating in the centre and responses included the following:

  • Freedom to express their thoughts
  • Spontaneity to participate
  • Easier communication
  • Socialisation
  • Sex education
  • Improve vocabulary
  • To listen and to be listened to
  • Punctuality
  • Responsibility
  • Respect for me and respect for others
  • I am valued for what I am
  • Issues of human rights
  • Mutual respect

What do you think of what the Centre offers?

Four replied that the facilities were very good, two that they were good and seven replied that they were excellent

What do you like most about the youth project in Cosigüina?

Everybody replied that they liked it and that what they liked most was the library, the issues they discussed in meetings, the friendships and the way in which the group was organised.

They were also asked for other comments about the Centre, to which they replied:

  • They want a pitch where they could play football and volleyball
  • Tighting in the two front corners of the Centre
  • More books for the library
  • To buy more stories and films for the children
  • To have two coordinators

Four youths at the Cosigüina Youth Centre, 2005

Four youths at the Cosigüina Youth Centre, 2005

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