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Coordinator of the Cosigüina Youth Centre, 2008

Friday, 24 April, 2009

The work of the coordinator of the Cosigüina Youth Centre has been maintained thanks to the support of the Santa Rosa Fund. From January to May Carla Betanco held this post, but due to her pregnancy she had to leave the responsibility of this post. After discussions amongst the group of youths, Diana Sánchez assumed responsibility as coordinator from the beginning of June. Since she began work as the Youth Centre coordinator, things have been very active and Diana has organised several activities with the youths. Thus far she is managing the centre well, looking to hire it out to other institutions for workshops, offering a photocopying service, and hiring out rooms to tourists who visit the volcano.

Children and Adolescents Group in the Community of Cosigüina Fortnightly meetings are held with this group on the first and third Wednesdays of each month. Due to the constant changes which the community of Cosigüina experiences, it was seen as necessary to change the group of youths who were very unreliable and to move to a group that was large and which had few alternatives available to them. This group has been working since May and is currently very lively. It should be mentioned that because this group is new it has been necessary to re-start work on themes such as self-esteem and the development of values. … Since this group’s work began there have been no problems other than (on occasions) the transport problems of getting there for the facilitator who travels from El Viejo.

Sister Rosario Castañeda

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