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A survey conducted in the village of Cosigüina to evaluate the activities of the Youth Centre

Wednesday, 1 November, 2006

(An analysis of the surveys conducted with families in the community of Cosigüina, September 2006.)

This survey was conducted with the aim of evaluating the use and management of the Cosigüina Youth Centre.

From the 100 questionnaires completed, 95 persons had used the Youth Centre and 5 had not – that is to say that they had never visited it.

Opinions on the Centre were sought and gave the following results:

  • It is useful for the whole community
  • It gives support to children with their homework
  • It’s useful for teenagers and children alike because it instills good values
  • It’s a good building
  • It’s a centre for training, formation and recreation for the community but especially for teenagers and children

One of the major services it offers to the community is its use as a library, particularly since it promotes recreational reading of childrens’ stories which helps them to begin to learn to read.

Of all the questionnaires completed, only 15 people were not aware of the kinds of activities which were being followed and promoted. The rest thought that it was for a group of youths who meet there to raise their awareness and knowledge of matters of personal growth and that it is very important for the community as the youths put into practice what they learn and the parents get to know what is happening.

This group is important because they are organised, and when the community needs young people for community work they are always available, and without needing to be paid. They are a group which helps our sons and daughters to value themselves, to be more active, to broaden their understanding and to be more communicative and participatory.

Karlita, the first youth centre coordinator, showing some of the sparse resources held in the centre, 2006

Karlita, the first youth centre coordinator, showing some of the sparse resources held in the centre, 2006

Of all the families surveyed, only 24 attend the group. Of all those who attend the group, their relatives have an input and share the issues with them. The community knows that it’s a very productive centre for all the youths and the community of Cosigüina because it has a library and photocopier, and can hire out its chairs. And these services help the family economy because it saves them having to go to town for them.

Of all the families surveyed, 60 respondents thought that the library loan service is good because it’s nearby for the children, there’s no cost and it’s available for everyone to use. The rest said that it was OK [regular/satisfactory] because sometimes the person in charge isn’t there.

The last question in the survey asked about the issues that parents would like to discuss with their children. They responded as follows:

  • Self-esteem(í)
  • Issues which help in their studies
  • Values(í)
  • Issues about drugs(í)
  • AIDS(í)
  • Respect(í)
  • Family planning(í)
  • STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) (í)
  • Alcoholism(í)
  • Cultural education
  • Health and hygiene
  • Human relationships
  • Education, recreation, art and dance
  • First aid
  • Causes and consequences of abortion(í)
  • Religion

(í) Denotes themes which have already been covered.

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