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5 short movies “Una Ventana en la América Central”

Friday, 15 May, 2009

Doug Specht spent two months in Nicaragua and Honduras in summer 2007, most of which was spent as a volunteer at the Santa Rosa School in Managua. During his time there he put his experiences on film which on his return he edited, creating an impressive record of the school, Nicaragua and some of the problems encountered by all the organisations he visited in Nicaragua and Honduras.

The five short films include:

  • ‘Nicaragua, Una Ventana’ – largely but not exclusively covering the problems and successes of education in Nicaragua.
  • The ENCA tour of Honduras, 2007. (ENCA is the Environmental Network for Central America.)
  • ‘Nicaragua en Números’
  • A full interview (with dubbed simultaneous translation) of Victorino Espinales, leader of the bananeros protesting outside the National Assembly building in Managua.
  • A photo slide show from his two months in the region.

The DVDs cost £5 each and can be ordered from , but it is now nearly sold out, which is why we are happy for it to go onto the website. Money from the sales was shared between ENCA and the Santa Rosa Fund.

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