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Los Pozitos Village School

Los Pozitos Updates 2004 2005

Tuesday, 25 September, 2007

Contact with Los Pozitos was maintained throughout the following two years, and the Fund was able to deliver donations of musical instruments, books, toys and small amounts of money from High Street School in Plymouth to the people of Los Pozitos. Although the £290 worth of dollars that the Fund delivered to the committee of parents in Los Pozitos is pitifully small in aid terms, for the little school with only one teacher, such a sum is enormous and the community is able to make more use of it than we could ever imagine. The Nicaraguan Ministry of Education used to pay the salary of Melvin, the one qualified teacher, but the school received nothing else from the state for materials or expenses.

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A Twinning Link for Los Pozitos

Friday, 25 July, 2003

Santa Rosa Fund helps establish another twinning link

By Jacky Rushall (From Issue 21 of the SRF Newsletter, July 2003)

I applied for a sabbatical in December 2002 and was lucky enough to be awarded this opportunity. The sabbatical scheme was offered to schools in challenging areas, with a high level of deprivation, such as High Street School in Stonehouse, Plymouth, where I teach. The time taken could be up to six weeks and how the money was spent was very flexible. The main criteria were that it should have some benefit to the teacher, pupils and school.

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