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La Chureca, Managua

Visit to the Los Quinchos Project in La Chureca

Wednesday, 1 September, 2010

The Spanish project to seal La Chureca rubbish dump, establish a recycling plant and build
houses for over 200 families who live there continues apace.

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Managua’s Landfill Families

Wednesday, 23 June, 2010

Letter from Tuesday April 6th 2010 Guardian Weekly reader Maggie Barclay describes what life is like for the hundreds of families who live at La Chureca – a landfill site by the side of Lake Nicaragua.

You can also view the original story on the Guardian’s website here.

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Report by Gill Holmes from the Los Quinchos project on Managua’s La Chureca dump

Thursday, 11 March, 2010

The most noticeable thing about La Chureca on this visit is that the Spanish project has finally started and was much in evidence from sign boards that have been planted here and there, building work, presumably of the recycling plant that will provide people with employment, and most impressive of all, huge earthmoving equipment ponderously slicing away at the mountains of rubbish and taking it elsewhere.

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Visit to the Los Quinchos Project in La Chureca

Wednesday, 21 October, 2009

En route to La Chureca, Carlos Vidal, the psychologist who works on the Los Quinchos management team and I stopped by the Quaker House to pick up Lillian Hall who would accompany us on the trip. Lillian is the in-country representative for PRONICA, a US organisation that supports different organisations in Nicaragua, among them Los Quinchos.

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3 Videos of La Chureca

Friday, 24 April, 2009

Visitors to the website who wish to gain an idea of how life survives on Managua’s main dump may wish to follow the three links to videos given below. One of them is 9 minutes long, but the other two are just 3 or 4 minutes long. The group which made the videos is not in any way associated with the Santa Rosa Fund, but their videos show the Los Quinchos project which is supported by the Fund (through Wales NSC) and several of the kids who benefit from that project.

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Visit to the Los Quinchos Project in La Chureca

Thursday, 11 December, 2008

On this second visit I was accompanied by Martin Mowforth, the Membership Secretary of the Santa Rosa Fund which is based in Tavistock, Devon. The Santa Rosa Fund has been supporting a school in the Santa Rosa neighbourhood (hence the name) in Managua for the last twenty years and more recently other educational projects in the El Viejo municipality in the department of Chinandega, west Nicaragua. The Santa Rosa Fund made a donation to Los Quinchos’ Chureca project through Wales NSC and given that Martin was visiting Nicaragua he was keen to see the project.

La Chureca: “The nearest thing to hell”

Friday, 19 September, 2008

The Santa Rosa Fund has recently begun to support an educational project on Managua’s waste dump – La Chureca. The Wales Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign (Wales NSC) has launched an appeal to support the Los Quinchos Centre which is based inside the dump. The following brief extracts from Wales NSC Newsletter explain some of the background and needs of the project.

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First visit to the Los Quinchos Project in La Chureca

Wednesday, 2 April, 2008

The visit took place a few days after the protest by some of the families in La Chureca had come to an end. Organised by the Movimiento Comunal (which grew out of the Sandinista neighbourhood defence committees of the ‘80’s) they were refusing to let the council rubbish trucks into the dump in protest against the bin men going through the refuse and taking out the valuable stuff (tins, plastic bottles, metal and even paper) before the trucks get to La Chureca, thereby depriving them of the materials they sell for recycling. They said that the Mayor, Dionisio (Nicho) Marenco, should increase the bin men’s wages so that they didn’t have to augment them by ‘prepping’ the refuse. Nicho replied that even if he did increase their wages it was impossible to ensure the bin men didn’t extract recyclable materials. El Nuevo Diario said the protest was politically engineered by the government in order to discredit Nicho, formerly one of Daniel Ortega’s right hand men, who had been very public in some critical comments he made of the new government’s style. The newspaper said the government was holding the population of Managua to ransom over an intra-party feud which caused rubbish to pile up in the streets.

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