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Cosigüina Youth Center

Coordinator of the Cosigüina Youth Centre, 2008

Friday, 24 April, 2009

The work of the coordinator of the Cosigüina Youth Centre has been maintained thanks to the support of the Santa Rosa Fund. From January to May Carla Betanco held this post, but due to her pregnancy she had to leave the responsibility of this post. After discussions amongst the group of youths, Diana Sánchez assumed responsibility as coordinator from the beginning of June. Since she began work as the Youth Centre coordinator, things have been very active and Diana has organised several activities with the youths. Thus far she is managing the centre well, looking to hire it out to other institutions for workshops, offering a photocopying service, and hiring out rooms to tourists who visit the volcano.

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Activities planned in Cosigüina Youth Centre for 2007

Tuesday, 1 May, 2007

This year [2007] the Centre will continue to give training in life skills for young people with the aim of helping them to be authors of their own process of education, formation, growth, self-esteem, personal and social values and commitment to their integration into society. Additionally, there will be recreational and sporting activities, presentations and stories for children.

Coordination meetings with various institutions will be held with the aim of gaining support in the themes of first aid, the environment, drug use, alcoholism, juvenile delinquency and loss of purpose.

Personal mentoring will be arranged through personal interviews.

Every fortnight (the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month from 6pm to 7:30pm) the forward planning group of the youth club will meet to plan activities.

A survey conducted in the village of Cosigüina to evaluate the activities of the Youth Centre

Wednesday, 1 November, 2006

(An analysis of the surveys conducted with families in the community of Cosigüina, September 2006.)

This survey was conducted with the aim of evaluating the use and management of the Cosigüina Youth Centre.

From the 100 questionnaires completed, 95 persons had used the Youth Centre and 5 had not – that is to say that they had never visited it.

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Survey of the Cosigüina Youth Group, June 2006

Thursday, 1 June, 2006

This survey focused on 20 youths of which 16 are active participants in the youth group and the other four are occasional attenders. This small survey was conducted with the aim of identifying weaknesses and strengths of the group.

The youths were asked what activities they took part in and all responded that they were involved in the meetings and discussions which the group holds on Wednesdays, four of them are involved in organising events for younger children and the rest give support in extra activities such as fiestas [cocaladas], sporting activities, films, meetings and the cleaning of the Youth Centre.

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