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Child Protection and Safeguarding policies

The Santa Rosa Fund (SRF)

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy

SRF supports educational activities in Managua and elsewhere in Nicaragua. This support is given in the form of funding and volunteering. SRF works with partners in government-funded schools and with non-government organisations (NGOs). The schools and NGOs are responsible for recruitment and for every other aspect of management. The schools are inspected by the Nicaraguan Ministry for Education. NGOs also operate under the inspection and auspices of the government.

Protecting the pupils of schools is primarily the responsibility of the teachers and the Nicaraguan state. Under Nicaraguan law all employees are required to produce police reports. It is illegal to sell alcohol, drugs or video games within 400m of a school. Anyone under the age of 18 is deemed a child.

SRF will always give the school or NGO advance notice of any proposed visit by a supporter or volunteer from SRF. This gives the school or NGO time to ask parents or the relevant adult for permission for photos to be taken and used in print or on SRF’s website.

Visitors or volunteers from SRF will ensure that all contact with children or vulnerable adults is accompanied by or in sight of adult staff.

Visitors or volunteers from SRF will attempt to take measures to protect children or vulnerable adults, for example from bullying or physical punishment.

Visitors or volunteers from SRF will never:

  • Arrive at the school or NGO under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Engage in sexual behaviour with children or vulnerable adults.
  • Exchange money, employment, goods or services for any form of exploitative behaviour.

SRF will ensure that all volunteers will have undergone a police check in the UK before working in Nicaragua and that both visitors and volunteers will have read and understood SRF’s child protection and safeguarding policy.

24th May 2018

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