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The Santa Rosa Fund an Introduction

(Registered charity no. 1028085) A charity based in Tavistock, Devon, UK
The Santa Rosa Fund was first set up in 1988 as a twinning link between Southway School in Plymouth and the Santa Rosa School in Managua, Nicaragua. Initially the link was the result of a visit to the school in Managua made by Tavistock residents June and Martin Mowforth whilst they were in Nicaragua. The school in Managua is located in the Barrio Santa Rosa, a poor district of the capital.

The broad aim of the Santa Rosa Fund is to promote educational initiatives in Nicaragua, particularly but not exclusively in the Barrio Santa Rosa of Managua. The Fund promotes educational projects especially in areas where poverty is rife.

The work of the Santa Rosa Fund is directed by fourteen trustees, all of whom are locals of the West Devon area. The charity is noteworthy especially for the fact that it delivers its aid directly to those for whom it is intended rather than using a large proportion of its supporters’ donations by going through governments or companies or in administration costs.

Projects supported by the Fund include:

  • The Santa Rosa School in the Barrio Santa Rosa of Managua
  • Monthly supplies of educational materials
  • A hardship fund to help families who cannot pay the school fees demanded by the government
  • A teacher training fund to assist the lowest paid teachers in Central America to attend their compulsory in-service training courses
  • A school journey fund to help the school pay for educational journeys
  • The building and supply of the Ben Dalton Memorial library
  • A fund for the costs incurred in the running of computers provided to the school in 2007 by the British Embassy in Costa Rica, along with a fund for computer training for the staff of the schoolThe work of the Quincho Barrilete Association, a street children’s organisation in Managua
  • The Los Quinchos informal school on La Chureca, Managua’s main waste dump
  • Villa España, a community established for victims of Hurricane Mitch in 1998
  • An annual donation for educational materials to the pre-school in Villa España
  • The annual salary of one of the pre-school teachers in Villa España Pre-School – pre-school education was not supported by the Nicaraguan government until recently and is now supported only in a limited way
  • An annual donation to the Rosario Mayorga Primary School in Villa España
  • Financial support to a small library set up in the Rosario Mayorga primary school for residents of the settlement as well as the schoolchildren.
  • Youth project in the village of Cosigina
  • Twinning links between Nicaraguan schools and schools in the UK, including a link between High Street School in Plymouth and a one-classroom school in the village of Los Pozitos, Nicaragua.
  • A range of other educational projects carried out in the Cosigüina Peninsula of Nicaragua, including:
  • The primary school in the village of Cosigüina
  • The José Urtecho primary school in the rural parish of Venezuela
  • The Santa María de la Merced primary school in the town of El Viejo where the Fund provided the necessary finance for a roof over the pre-school classroom
  • The primary school in the community of Chacaraseca where the Fund paid for some of the structural repairs after damages caused by Hurricane Mitch in 1998
  • The Cabo de Horno Primary School
  • Education for the children of the tiny village of Los Pozitos.
  • The Fund also assists the work of the sisters of the Mercedarias Misioneras de Berriz who have a centre in the town of El Viejo and who administer most of the finances which the Fund allocates to educational projects in the Cosigüina Peninsula of Nicaragua.

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